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Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife 2018 – Top 12 Knives Review

The tactical knives are divided into two major shapes, the folding and fixed blade knives. While they each offer different benefits, fixed blade knives are growing in popularity and for good reason too. Tactical fixed blade knives come in different designs, length, handle or blade materials, blade edges with the aim of meeting the different needs and preferences of different individuals. To help you meet your objectives, below is a list of the best tactical fixed blade knives the market has to offer. They vary in brand and model to help meet your requirement. Each product points out its key features and the benefits they offer to ease your decision-making process.

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Feature Comparison Table of Top 12 Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knives in the World


Product Name

Blade Material & (HRC)

Handle Material


Blade Edge

Measurement & Tang

Our Review

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K

High-Quality AUS-8 (58)

Glass-Reinforced Nylon


Half Serrated Clip Point

4.85" x 9.5"

Full Tang

Best Combat Survival Knife - ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Combat Knife

1095 Cro-Van (58)


Premium Plastic

Half Serrated Clip Point

7" x 11.88"

Full Tang

SOG SEAL Team Elite Fixed Blade SE37-N

High-Quality AUS-8 (58)

Glass-Reinforced Nylon


Half Serrated Clip Point

7" x 12.3"

Full Tang

Best Combat knife for the Money - SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade Knife E37T-K

High Carbon 7Cr17Mov (59)

Rubber & TPE Overmold

Mildew-Resistant Nylon

Half Serrated Drop Point

4.75" x 10"

Full Tang

Best Fighting Knife in the World - Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto Knife

1095 Cro-Van (58)



Plain Edge Clip Point

7" x 11.88"

Full Tang

tactical survival knife - Gerber LMF II

420 High Carbon Steel (60)

Glass-Reinforced Nylon

Ballistic Nylon

Half Serrated Drop Point

4.8" x 10.6"

Three-Quarter Tang

Best Combat Knife in the World - Smith & Wesson Search & Rescue CKSUR1 Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife

High-Quality AUS-8 (58)

Glass Reinforced Nylone & Stee

Hard Molded Nylon

Half Serrated Clip Point

4.9" x 9.6"

Full Tang

Best Combat Knife in the World - Columbia River Knife and Tool's 2125KV Ultima Fixed Blade Knife

High Carbon 9CR19MoV (61)

TPE Overmold

Mildew-Resistant Nylon

Plain Edge Drop Point

4.8" x 10"

Full Tang

Best Fighting Knife in the World - Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto Knife

German 4116 Stainless Steel (57)



Plain Edge Tanto Point

7" x 12"

Full Tang

Best Combat knife for the Money - Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Full Tang Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife

440 Stainless Steel (60)



Plain Edge Tanto Point

5.5" x 11"

Full Tang

best military knife - Smith & Wesson Special Ops SW3B M-9 Bayonet Fixed Blade Knife

High Carbon (58)

Molded Rubber


Plain Edge Drop Point

4.3" x 9.1"

Partial Tang

best military knife - Smith & Wesson Special Ops SW3B M-9 Bayonet Fixed Blade Knife

1095 Cro-Van (58)



Plain Edge Drop Point

5.3" x 10.5"

Full Tang

Top 12 Best Tactical Knives Fixed Blade Reviews

1. SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K Best Combat Knife

best small tactical fixed blade - SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37T-K

The SOG has more than 33 years of knife crafting experience. At present, SOG Company manufactures different types of knives other than military-inspired designed ones, like EDC tactical knives, outdoor gears, and specialized multi-tools. Their knives are widely popular among the hunters, survivalists, military men, law enforcement officers, and outdoor adventurers. If you are looking for a versatile use best tactical fixed blade knife, then SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37T-K will be your first choice.

The 0.185-inch/4.7 mm thick steel core of the blade is formed of unique AUS-8 Stainless Steel (57-58 HRC). SOG’s AUS-8 is one of the strongest stainless steels in the world. Most significant point is the blade core has passed through cryogenic heat treatment method that enhances the sharpness, edge retention and rust resistance of the blade. Thanks to its TiNi coating and cryogenic heat conducted stainless steel, this all-weather best tactical knife fixed blade capable to survive in tropical rainforest, snowfield as well as ocean water or salt spray. The 4.85 inches partially serrated multi-use blade is a best outdoor gear for hunting, combat, and survival situation. You can also try it in daily utility chores like cooking, chopping, cutting rope or fibrous materials. The spine rasp of the blade supports for filing, notching, and easy thumb placement. Its tough clip point tip guarantees to make a dip hole in any hard plastic, wood or thin steel with less thrash.

The expanded part (3”-4”) of the blade passes through the handle that completes it as a full tang tactical knife. The handle of this combat knife constructed of high-quality fiberglass reinforced nylon. This stuff is a material that capable to tolerate harsh acids, electrical power, and excessive temperatures. The handle is scored by the smooth diamond pattern for a firm grip and pleasant holding. Furthermore, the ergonomic finger grooves give maximum strength and small size handle guard defends your finger from touching the sharp edge. This best fighting knife features a Kydex sheath with an additional belt loop. You can attach it to the other gears like a backpack and carry it either left or right-handed as well. The SOG E37T-K comes along with a limited lifetime warranty. Its full-length is 9.5-Inch and weighs just 5.4 oz.

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2. KA1214-BRK USA Fighting Knife

KA1214-BRK USA Fighting Knife

If you need all the features that US Marines require in their tactical knife then you don’t need to search further. The KA1214-BRK USA Fighting Knife is the one. The metal of the blade is created extremely durable 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel. The 7 inches blade with 56-58 hardness scale and full tang workmanship both have made it optimum ergonomic and nearly indestructible. The 4.19 mm/0.165-inch thick blade has razor sharp 20 degrees half serrated cutting edge. The 11.88-inch knife guarantees a complete kill if it is used in any fighting or against a wild animal. The clip point blade is finished with nonreflective stealthy black powder coating to prevent rust, increase scratch resistance and reduce friction drag as well.

Most importantly, man-made Kraton G handle comes with this tactical fixed blade knife which is a composite material of Synthetic Elastomer. Kraton G handle gives much better grip, good control and tougher than wood. This handle feels fits and comfortable in your hand. Even you can use the Kraton-G handle pommel as a hammer and it will not crack or break as like as the wood handle. This best tactical fixed blade knife proudly made in the USA. The knife is an ultimate cutting tool for any survival and hunting trip or any other outdoor tasks.

The sheath is made of premium quality hard plastic. It has the option to carry it both right or left side. This hard plastic sheath is well suited to the tropical area because it repels moisture and water absolutely well. Moreover, the sheath is equipped with a security system for the kids; when it stays into the sheath, a snap strap that enwraps around the knife handle. The knife offers a limited lifetime warranty.

3. SOG SEAL Team Elite Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife SE37-N

best small tactical fixed blade 2018 - SOG SEAL Team Elite Fixed Blade SE37-N

After tolerating world’s hardest quality testing competition which organized by the U.S. Govt., along with knives from many U.S. top cutlery brands, the SOG SEAL Team Elite tactical fixed blade Knives triumphed.

The SOG SE37-N best combat knife has a 7-Inch longer blade that is made out of AUS-8 Stainless Steel (HRC 57-58). The core of the blade is manufactured through the innovative cryogenic heat treatment process and protected with a layer of stealthy black TiNi finish. All these methods have formed it world’s best stainless steel blade in hardness, higher edge retention, and rust-resistance. The new racy blade shape has a half triple point serrations razor sharp cutting edge for multi-purpose use. The 0.24 inches thick tactical fixed blade also features a clip point tip which ensures faster and in-depth puncture. Besides, the blade spine rasp that helps for notching, filing and thumb placement.

This SOG SEAL Team Elite Tactical Knife Fixed Blade is also crafted with impact and friction resistant black Glass-reinforced Nylon handle which is very rugged and viable. Its user-friendly deeper finger grooves handle is ergonomics and well-balanced as well as it is contoured to provide you a convenient grip when you will use it. For rapid accessibility, the 12.3-Inch SOG knife comes with a MOLLE matched black nylon sheath that has a secure loop and hook closure so you can always keep it close to you. The full tang tactical knife has an extended part “handle pommel”, useful for hammering or breaking a glass. SOG SE37-N is backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

This fixed blade knife features a high carbon stainless steel drop point blade that aims at boosting durability. In addition, this material does not easily rust. The design on this blade is ideal for an individual looking for a knife that is ideal for edge retention or rope cutting. The handle is made from rubber providing it with a firm texturized grip that will prevent slippage. In addition, the texturized rubber boosts comfort when handling it.

The base of the handle features a stainless steel pommel that comes in handy in the event you need to hammer something into place. To cover the blade is a nylon sheath that retains the knife’s lightweight feature. This material is mildew resistant to help keep the blade looking good as new in the long-term. In an effort to secure your knife into position, it features a Ferro cerium rod that you lock into the sheath to boost safety and security.


  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Easy to grab handle with a firm grip
  • Mildew resistant nylon sheath
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and secures knife with lockable sheath


  • The nylon material for the sheath needs a lot of care and prevents you from exposing it in harsh conditions

5. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Best Tactical Knife Fixed Blade

best tactical hunting knife - KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

No doubt, KA-BAR knife is reliable. It has been in existence for some 70 years. It served well in the world war II, and it still promises to serve you even better. The KA-BAR best tactical fixed blade knife comes with a 0.165 inches thick plain edge blade which is constructed of Cro-van Stainless Steel (56-58 HRC). The mixture of vanadium and chromium over the 1095 core with black oxide coating – all have increased blade’s durability, sharpness, and corrosion resistance as well as it will serve you in the long-term. The clip point blade features a 7-inch straight cutting edge that helps to deliver on functionality while at the same time makes it easy to hide away with the aim of preventing the risk of hurting oneself.

Its handle is made from the leather material with the aim of boosting its ergonomic and optimum comfort. The leather material also provides a firm grip; there is no option for slippage. The full tang knife is designed along with the slim-curved brass guard, situated between the handle and blade to safeguard your fingers from the sharp blade. Also, the handle has a pommel on the base of it for immediate hammering. All these make it best tactical survival knife for use, especially by hunters, survivalist, military as it can withstand the harsh environment.

In an effort to protect you and carry the knife when you are on the move, it comes with a 100% leather sheath. This also plays the key role in protecting the blade from unnecessary exposure. This material ensures that it does not break while at the same time ensuring durability. Overall, the sheath’s design complements the overall look and feel of the knife. The 11.88 inches KA-BAR best fixed blade tactical knife made in the USA and has a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Gerber LMF II Best Tactical Survival Knife

tactical survival knife - Gerber LMF II

Gerber the name I always use to recommend when someone needs a tactical fixed blade knife for survival expedition. That’s why I have kept the Gerber fixed blade tactical knife in the first position on my top list. The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife comes with three particular models and colors. The fact is, all these 3 best tactical survival knives are precisely same except their sheath and handle color. You would be proud to know that all the body parts (handle, blade, butt cap, sheath, accessories) are made in the USA as well as Gerber provides a limited lifetime warranty along with this best tactical fixed blade knife.

1. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black [22-01629]

2. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Green [22-01626]

3. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Coyote Brown [22-01400]

Gerber LMF II Tactical Survival Knife comes with 0.198-Inch/5.03 mm thick 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel made blade. The 4.84 inches long blade has a convex curve figure from blade spine to blade point. Half serrated cutting edge, 58-60 Rockwell hardness rating, high Carbon steel – all these attributes have built up it an ultimate gear for breaking car glass, set belt, cutting electric wires, rope, vines, branches, slicing, bushcraft chores, prying, chopping, hammering, digging, and other everyday works. To resist from scratch, corrosion, and rust the drop point blade is coated with black oxide finish. Also, it gives a stealthy visual signature.

The handle of this tactical knife fixed blade is created of glass-filled nylon and TPV Overmold. Gerber LMF II was specially designed to save the aircrew members and passengers from an accidental airplane. Also, this tactical survival knife has a 3/4 push tang because it breaks between the butt cap and tang. This kind of unique workmanship protects the persons from being electrically shocked while the users are cutting the live cable and saving themselves from the downed airplane. Additionally, to stop slippage, the handle has half inch grip curves on its butt-end in the three corners. The handle has two more lanyard holes in the middle place of the knife. Those are used to lashing the knife with a long stick to prepare a spear.

The sheath of 10.59 inches Gerber LMF II is made of military-grade ballistic nylon, and it is finished with fire retardant coating. The multitasking sheath comes with 2 comfortable leg straps for thigh carry, integrated V shape sharpener, MOLLE adjustable straps, a strap cutter/safety strap and waist belt carrying option. Due to its unique friction lock system, the knife is tightly held into the sheath. Furthermore, 2 extra small straps firmly hold the knife with the sheath. While you are moving or running so fast, you don’t need to think twice about to lose it. The sheath has right or left hand carrying option and weight is 11.67 ounces.

7. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Outdoor Tactical Knife

Important Features and Specifications

Blade Length:
4.9 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4.064 mm (0.16 Inches)
Blade Material: AUS-8 Stainless Steel
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Blade Edge: Partially Serrated
Blade Finish: TiNi Finish
Overall Length: 9.6 Inches
Hardness/HRC: 56-58
Handle Material: Glass Reinforced Nylone and Stainless Steel
Hand Length: 4.7 Inches
Tang: Full Tang
Knife Weight: 5.60 oz (159 g)
Sheath: Hard Molded Nylon
Made In: Taiwan
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty by SOG.
Best Use For: Survival, Camping, Tactical, Self Defense, Marine Environment
Special Features: Built-in Cord Cutter, Single Stage Sharpener, Fire Starter

When you need a malatery grade fixed blade knife, I will recommend you SOG Knives. SOG produces different types of military grade knives but some of them are special and this SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Outdoor Tactical Knife is one of them. Its design is unique, attractive and specially designed for outdoor purpose. The most important factor of this knife is its blade which is made of world’s best Cryogenic Heat Treatment process. In this process gradually decreases the blade temperature to -300 F, after that the blade temperature come back again to room temperature.

This method relieves the blade core on an atomic level. This SOG’s unique method not only increases the toughness of the blade but also heightened wear-resistance. Moreover, the edge of the razor sharp blade stays sharp for a long time after a heavy use as well as demonstrate a severe decrease in the edge-chipping and micro-fracturing. This partially serrated clip point blade is 4.9 inches long, 0.16 inches (4.064mm) thick, overall length 9.6 inches and full tang design. This best tactical fixed blade knife is a unique field gear for both underwater adventures and outdoor activities.

The durable, rugged and ergonomic handle made of glass-rein forced nylon and stainless steel. The handle is designed with non-slip digi grip, diamond-pattern texture and deeper finger groves which ensure excellent grip even your hands are dirty or wet. The handle is extremely robust and provides natural feeling in your hand. Additionally, it has a hammering pommel on the base of the extended full tang handle.

You will find hard molded Nylon sheath or deluxe model with this knife. To make your complete packing and safe journey the sheath comes with single-stage sharpener, built-in cord cutter, larger attachment points and fire starter. Don’t worry the handle has a lanyard hole for comfortable carrying. Light weight, super strong, useful design and features, multitasking capability- all these aspects have made it one of the best fixed blade knife in the world.


  • Cryogenic Heat Treatment steel blade
  • Unique tactical design for different purpose
  • Special knife with some additional security features
  • Light weight, easy to use and carry
  • Designed for both outdoor and underwater adventures
  • Durable and ergonomic handle


  • The aggressive thumb rise is not comfortable

8. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife, Fine Edge

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife, Fine Edge is not only a best tactical fixed blade knife but also comes with lots of additional survival security features. This 4.8 inches drop-point, fine edge blade constructed with 9CR19MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel which has 60-61 hardness rating; that means it is one of the world’s toughest steel as well as corrosion or rust protected in any harsh circumstances. Due to its ultimate steel, it will keep its razor sharp edge for a longer period between sharpening even after hard use. With a full tang blade, the knife has great balance and easy to use or maneuver. The sharp and strong tip edge of the blade will help you to make a deep hole or knots into the solid object. Firewood batoning, feathering or chapping sticks, slicing, filleting all the fundamental tasks of a knife can be done with this Ultimate Pro.

The black areas of the ergonomic handle have a textured rubber coating that ensures good traction and a solid grip when holding it by your wet or dirty hand in any harsh conditions. The main component and orange areas are made of TPE Overmold high quality plastic. The knife bolster in front of the handle keeps your fingers from slipping and touching the sharp part of the blade. The full tang steel pommel at the bottom of the handle can be used as a hammer.

Another fantastic feature of this best fixed blade knife is its Mildew-Resistant Nylon made the multi-tasker sheath. The sheath is military-grade, lightweight and mildew resistant with friction lock system that holds the knife tightly and safely. On the upright slot of the sheath, you will get a longer fire making ferrocerium rod in a waterproof holder ?and on the opposite side, there is an excellent carbide pull-through diamond stone sharpener. The sharpener can be moved for left or right handed use, or replacement or removal.

The lanyard cord has an emergency whistle that creates a louder sound for emergency signal in a wide range. There are two more lanyard holes in the middle of the knife; you can make a spear by lashing it with a stick. Also, the sheath has a belt loop that helps for sideways carry and a waterproof Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide which has vital information about clothing, making shelter or traps or fire or drill and bow, about location, signaling to rescue team, navigation, water collection and much more.

9. Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto Tactical Knife Fixed Blade

best small tactical fixed blade - Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto Knife

The Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto best tactical fixed blade knife has a 7 inches long and 5 mm thick tanto point blade. The core material of the blade produced by German 4116 Stainless Steel. This kind of unique steel is produced with the combination of Carbon (0.42-0.55) and Chromium (13.8-15) by Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Company. The Carbon component of the steel gives razor sharpness with excellent edge retention, and Chromium improves strength (56-57) and corrosion resistance. The plain edge blade has a rich tuff-ex nonreflective coating.

Moreover, the Leatherneck-Tanto has stainless steel finger guard. It’s an essential feature to defend your fingers when applying the knife in any combat state or utility chores. This full tang best combat knife has a Kraton handle. Around the handle, you will find deeply checkered cross-section and ergonomic finger troughs that ensure unsurpassed solid gripping and stabbing force. The handle is crafted with thick, machined stainless steel butt cap (the cap is not like a plastic or cheap molding). So the butt can be used as a hammer in any situation.

For safely convenient carry, this best tactical survival knife features with a multi-use and sturdy Secure-Ex sheath as well as paired with ambidextrous and fully detachable belt loop. Don’t worry; the Leatherneck-Tanto has a limited lifetime warranty, overall length 12 inches, weight 11.7 oz.

10. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

Important Features and Specifications

Blade Length:
5.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm (0.216 Inches)
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Shape: Black Tanto Blade
Blade Edge: Plain
Overall Length: 11 Inches
Hardness/HRC: 58-60
Handle Material: G10 Handle
Hand Length: 5.5 Inches
Tang: Full Tang
Knife Weight: 15 oz (425 g)
Sheath: Black Nylon Sheath
Made In: China
Best Use For: Tactical, Camping or Survival Training
Special Features: The handle comes with two extra holes for tight lashing the knife with a stick for use it as a spear.

This tactical fixed blade knife is recommended for purposes of camping as well as survival training. This is due to its durability, as the blade is made of 440 black stainless steel. This material also adds to a sleek finish. The blade features a blood groove and a saw back that come in handy in providing cutting power thus making it easier to cut through different materials. It comes with a design that seeks to meet the needs of combat.

A G10 handle that offers a firm and comfortable grip accompanies the blade. Thanks to its extended guard, it leaves you well protected. In the event, you are not using it and you need to store it away, it features a lanyard hole at the top of the handle that you can use to hang it. In an effort to ease storage and portability, it comes with a black nylon sheath. This sheath comes with ties that ensure the blade remains in position.


  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for use in combat
  • Secure sheath to keep your knife in place
  • Nylon sheath that helps to keep it lightweight
  • Allows for easy cutting with precision thanks to its blade edge design
  • Easy to store away with a lanyard hole


  • It is not ideal for carving into materials

11. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath

Best Survival Fixed Blade Knife - Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath

This knife’s features a high carbon steel blade that measures 1/8-inch thick. The blade is sharp and durable to serve you in equal measure in the long-term. With a blade length of 4.3 inches, you can easily keep it discrete. It is lightweight with about 4.3 ounces making it flexible as well. In an effort to boost durability, the blade is hardened with a black coating that plays the role of protecting your blade from corrosion.

The handle offers a firm grip thanks to its Scandi grind that prevents slipping. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle made of rubber. When the knife is not in use, you can easily lock it away in its lockable sheath that keeps it secure once the plastic clips are put in place. It is highly recommended as a carving tool thanks to its sharp edge and balanced handling as well as a hunting knife.


  • It is lightweight thus allowing for flexibility
  • Its small Scandi grind blade makes it ideal for wood carving
  • Remains sharp in the long-term
  • Offers a firm grip handle thus preventing slipping away


  • With no lanyard hole, it can be difficult to hang this knife for storage when it is not in use

12. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Important Features and Specifications

Blade Length:
5.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 6.35 mm (0.25 Inches)
Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van Steel
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Edge Angle: 20 Degree
Blade Edge: Plain
Blade Finish/Coating: Black Epoxy Powder Coat
Overall Length: 10.5 Inches
Hardness/HRC: 56-58
Handle Material: Grivory
Hand Length: 5.25 Inches
Tang: Full Tang
Knife Weight: 15 oz (425 g)
Sheath: Black Nylon Sheath
Made In: Olean New York, U.S.A
Warranty: Not from Amazon, Warranty directly from Ka-Bar
Best Use For: Hunting or Camping Trip, Tactical, Splitting Kindling, Skinning Game or Chopping Onions

If you are looking for an indestructible drop point fixed blade knife then you must choose Ka-Bar Becker BK2. The 5.25 Inches BK2 blade core is made of Rockwell hardness 1095 Cro-Van Steel which is 6.35 mm thick and ideal for skinning game, batoning, cutting wood or branches, hunting or camping trip in any harsh environment as well as chopping onions. The 20-degree edge angle provides tactical benefits for stabbing in deep penetrated on the hard element. The Black Epoxy Powder Coat protects the blade from scratch, stain & rust. The knife is 10.5 inches long and full tang.

The 5.25 inches ergonomic comfortable handle is produced by high-density plastic “Grivory”. The two parts of the handle are mutually squeezed with both sides of full steel tang. There is an extra part of the tang (pommel) which can be applied for crushing things or hammering. Also, the choil and finger guard protects your finger from touching the blade even your hands are wet. The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 is made in Olean New York, U.S.A and designed by Ethan Becker.

This best fixed blade has a glass-filled hard shell Black Nylon Sheath and a pocket. Sometimes it comes with Kydex sheath with no pocket. The sheath has a belt loop for secure and pleasant carrying. The knife tucked into the sheath solidly with a click sound. It prevents the knife from falling down or lost, when you are running or moving fast with it. Most importantly it keeps the blade sharp and safe. Of course, it has a lanyard hole.


  • It is a heavy duty outdoor knife
  • Pretty legit knife for the money
  • Multitasking fixed blade
  • Its edge retention is very good after a heavy use
  • Durable and capable to withstand in any situation
  • The 1095 Cro-Van Steel blade has a super sharp edge


  • Weight is high and not easy to maneuver
  • The handle does not have non-slip grip pattern
  • Low-quality sheath
  • The black coating is not durable

 What Are The Differences Between a Tactical Fixed Blade Knife and a Regular Fixed Blade Knife?

Most of the common people think that there are no differences between a tactical fixed blade knife and a regular fixed blade knife. But there are several verities between a Tactical and a Regular knife. In fact, as long as you can understand or identify those differences, it is almost impossible for you to find a best tactical fixed blade knife. Let me show you some major differences-

Differences Between Tactical and Regular Fixed Blade Knife

Purpose: A tactical knife is any knife that has been made to meet military specification like fighting or self-defense, utility tool or emergency salvation tool. A regularly fixed blade knife is usually used by sportsman, household utility work, hunting, fishing and indoor purpose. 

Blade Material: Typically, regular fixed blade knives are softer or made from softer or normal steel. Blades of tactical knives are made of harder, stain or rust resistant high-quality steel that keeps the edges as to stay sharper longer.

Handle: The handle of the combat knives also has a comfortable textured rubber coating or different type’s non-slip grip pattern with ergonomic finger grooves for super strength holding. Where-as regular knives have more ornate and integrate designed handles.

Sheath: Even the sheaths the knives are stored intend to be different. Regular knives have a sheath that is made with finer, more decorative materials and need to be maintained more carefully than the counterparts. Tactical sheaths are more weather resistant, less decorated and tend to be able to take more abuse from the wearer. Also, some tactical sheaths are MOLLE well-matched, integrated with fire starter, sharpener etc.

Cutting Edge: One of the last differences is the blade type. A regular knife tends to have a straight or plain edge and a tactical is usually partially serrated in some degree. Sometimes it has a gut hook edge or tip. It has a tough and sharp thick point to penetrate the hard object. The differences can be easy to spot once you know what look for.

How to choose A Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Choosing a tactical fixed blade knife can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for or have an idea as to what the main use will be. There are many different styles, and aspects to take into consideration before making a decision. Many different companies those can supply you with so many options that a person can get lost and discouraged. Below will outline what to look for in order to choose the best tactical fixed blade knife to fit your life.

What is the Purpose of Your Tactical Fixed Blade Knife?

Before you pick a Tactical knife to help you, you have to know what its purpose will be for. Will it have a dual or triple purpose? A specific purpose or undecided?

• What will you use it for?

Is it for a job or for an activity specifically? There are many different types of fixed blade knives, made with a variety of materials, with many different blade designs and handles. Each knife has a certain purpose in mind.

• Will it be used for slicing or cutting?

This is very important. If you are going to be cutting then you will be using a straight blade, very sharp and compact so that it doesn’t hinder motion. This allows the knife to cut through meat more easily. If you are slicing, as in a possible fight, self-defense or protection, you will want a serrated blade.

• How will you use your knife?

Protection, outdoor utility work, part of your job or just to carry? This is a question that is important to ask yourself so that you can get the right one the first time. A Protection knife will be straight, large to medium in length and not easier to conceal. An outdoor utility knife will have multiple uses and will be medium in size and easier to conceal.

• Which style do you need?

Depends on what you will be using it for. Fishing? You will need a fillet knife. Hunting? You will benefit from a skinning and boning knife. Camping, hiking, survival, fighting? You will benefit from a tactical knife so that you can cut flexible or thick materials and use for a multitude of uses. Love the beauty of knives? There are a variety of collector knives to suit your preference.

How Frequently Will You Be Going to Use Your Fixed Blade Knife?

This is nearly as important as what the knife will be used for. Some materials can chip and even though they may hold an edge longer, the situation and frequency the knife will be put in; it may make more sense to sharpen the blade more often. If you need a knife for frequently uses then select a lightweight and durable stainless steel blade. Scroll down; I have suggested some blade materials which will help you for daily use better than others.

Consider the Overall Length of a Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

The size of your knife is important when you start considering how often it will be on your person. The length of the best tactical fixed blade knife depends on the purpose in which you are going to use it.

For fighting would require a longer length knife 10 to 12 inches. But remember, it’s easy to spot and can’t be concealed as well as lots of states have legality issue (Scroll down to Read More about Knife Legality). If you are just going to keep it in your car or truck, then that size won’t be a problem. Diving would require a longer thinner blade too.

Utility, outdoor and survival would require a medium length knife 8 to 10 inches. If you are carrying it for self-defense on public transportation or to your job, you should choose a small or medium size under 5 to 9 inches.

Specific use requires a specific size. That being said an all-around good Tactical fixed blade knife length is about 9 to 11 inches long.

All About the Blade

The most important part of a knife is the blade. Different type of knives has different types of blades. Each blade is made for a specific purpose. Performance of a blade depends on its length range, design, shape, tip, cutting edge, spine, thickness and core material. Some unique design blades can do multiple and difficult tasks. I have described all the aspects you have to check before selecting a best tactical fixed blade knife.

Blade Length

Selecting blade length is a little bit tricky task for a newbie. In every case, the blade range depends on what type work you would like to do. Different types of works require different types of blade lengths. I am going to deviate it in 3 parts.

• Small Size Blades: A small size blade means between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. You can use it for regular utility work or as a tool, everyday carry through the public and easily can be concealed. But small blades are not an ideal kit for the outdoor trip or cutting thick object or heavy task.

• Medium Size Blades: Between 4 to 7 inches blades are standard medium size blade. With the range of this length, you can use it for survival, hunting or skinning, camping, self-defense, cutting, chopping and other outdoor as well as indoor utility activities. I always use to recommend this range of the blade.

• Large Size Blades: Blade lengths between 8 to 10 inches are large size. Large size blades are suitable for cutting or chopping woods and splitting with a baton. But those knives are difficult to carry, use and not easy to control. Also, not ideal for everyday use but if you need a heavy-duty knife for cutting thick or bigger object than large size blade is better than medium or small.

Consider the Knife Design

The design is also a major factor in choosing the right knife. If you choose the wrong design for its purpose then it will not work as well as a knife made for a specific purpose. Several designs to choose from include; fixed, curved, serrated, straight, boot and neck knives.

Blade design is also important because you have to decide what kind of tang you want in your knife. Once that is established your decision-making process just became that much easier.

Selecting the Blade Shape and Tip of you Best Fixed Blade Knife

There are many different tips to consider in a tactical knife and selecting the correct one can make you feel as if the knife was specifically made for you. Each tip has pro and cons and a specific use that it will excel at. The different tips and shapes are as follows;

Clip Point Blade Shape - Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Clip Point: One of the three most common blade shapes. What gives them the name is the forward third of the blade looks to be “clipped” off. The shape of the clip can be straight as a board or concave. The clip itself can be straight or concave.

Drop Point Blade Shape - Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Drop Point: Two of the three most common blade shapes. This is also considered the most popular for knives today, most recognizable in the hunting knife. The blade slopes on the top or spine of the blade from the handle to the tip allowing easier penetration when skinning or boning on a hunting trip.

Gut Hook Blade Shape - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

• Gut Hook: The gut hook blade is a specially designed blade that has a hook or semi-circle on the top of the blade and the tip. It was developed to give a knife the ability to more easily skin game in the field. It is a feature that has been added to a blade, in order to better serve the user in a dual situation.

Tanto Blade Shape - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

• Tanto: It is a Japanese word for the short blade. It is designed after samurai swords and used for self-defense. The tip is designed for piercing hard materials and is very sturdy. A Tanto knife has a high point with a flat grind that leads to an extremely strong point.

Chisel Tip Blade Shape - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife • Chisel Tip: A utility point with many advantages to the working man. This shape allows the user versatility. The tip resembles a chisel but is very sharp and can be paired with a gut hook, making it a perfect companion to the outdoor man.

Needle-point Blade Shape - Best Fixed Blade Knife

 • Needle-point: Stiletto, as it is sometimes known, is a dagger or knife that has a long slender blade and a needle-like point. It is intended as a stabbing weapon. Originated in Italy.

Selecting the Blade Edge

There are three different blade edges that can be considered when looking for the best tactical fixed blade knife. As with the other aspects to consider, the use of the knife will be a determining factor in which edge to choose. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. They are as follows;

• Plain Edge: Just as the name implies, it is a plain edge. There is no serration, grooves or disruptions of any kind. This kind of edge is most commonly used in self-defense knives. It cuts more cleanly and leaves almost no fraying on rope, fabric, or skin. Easy to sharp and useful.

Plain Edge Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Serrated or Saw-toothed Edge: This kind of edge has “teeth” on the sharp end of the blade that creates extra tension on the blade. This kind of edge is used to cut flexible or rubber fabric, rope, and skin, copper or steel cable, hard plastic objects, limb or branches or hardwood of the tree. Not easy to sharp, it requires special skill and sharpener.

Serrated or Saw-toothed Edge Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Combination or Partially Serrated Edge: A combination edge has a combination of both a plain and serrated edge. It’s the number one chose for those looking for versatility in both self-defense and utility and outdoor use. I use to recommend combination edge knife for best fixed blade knife.

Partially Serrated Edge Edge Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Flat-ground Spine

Flat-ground Spine - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

This spine allows you versatility and multiple uses for your knife. The spine of a knife is the non-sharp back edge of your blade much like our spine gives us stability. Having a flat-ground spine or 90-degree spine allows easier use when batoning and it can also be used to start a fire if you have a Ferro-rod. For a survival and outdoor situation, the flat-ground spin will serve you well since it will become a utility and defense knife.

Selecting the Blade Core Material

Keep in mind when choosing which material to look for that softer materials will dull fairly quickly but are easily re-sharpened. Hard materials can be ground down to extremely sharp edges but may be susceptible to chipping and breaking if used inappropriately. If you don’t have a good knowledge about the tactical blade steel then let me introduce you to some useful and most popular blade core materials.

• 420HC Steel: The 420HC is very common in the commercial knife making market. It can be sharpened to a very fine edge and to a mirror finish. The core materials used it has a fair amount of toughness and good corrosion resistance. The 420HC Steel also can be easily re-sharpened when maintenance is necessary.

• High-Carbon Steel: High carbon steel is harder and stronger but when used in a blade it loses its ability to be manipulated. It has successfully gone through heat treatment which has made it unbelievably strong however it can crack, chip or break if molded too much.

• S30V Steel: Best blade steel available today. This steel has considerably higher amounts of carbon and Vanadium which allows for the material to have superior edge holding abilities and also abrasion resistance. Contains improved flexibility so that it can be molded and formed into whatever the manufacturer can come up with. Good corrosion resistance and superior edge holding.

• AUS-8 (8A) Steel: AUS-8 (8A) is almost the same component comparable carbon amount close to 0.75%. Sometimes this steel is conducted instead of 440C. You will find AUS-8 (8A) steel made a knife from SOG Knives. This AUS-8 (8A) steel has great edge sharpenable.

• 154CM Steel: Found in many cutleries. This steel is used for bladed that require a heavier cutting load. It is very good at holding an edge. Good toughness when double tempered. Fair corrosion resistance and relatively inexpensive compared to S30V.

• Cryogenic Heat Treatment Steel: This is a heat treatment used by the knife maker SOG. The treatment very slowly decreases the initial blade temperature to -300 F only to then bring it back up to room temperature again. This process is said to increase the blade in toughness and heightened wear-resistance overall. In essence, that means the knife’s edge will stay sharper longer. Decreasing the instances of micro-fracturing and edge-chipping.

• 13C26 SANDVIK Steel: The steel specifically designed for razor blade applications. It is known for hardness, sharpness and edge stability. 13C26 SANDVIK is Moderate corrosion resistance, very strong and hard. It is used in surgical blades, whittling and razor applications.

Blade Thickness

Do not forget about the blade thickness. You may be thinking the thickness is not a big deal but when you are in a wild area it really does matter. Believe me this aspect as important as the blade. In this case, if you make a mistake, your blade could be broke in multiple pieces or you can’t cut the object according to your expectations. However, it’s an easy trick just follow my instruction.

Blade Thickness - Best Fixed Blade Knife

Chopping or cutting a hard element, anything like wood, you must need (5/32” / 0.156″ / 3.96mm) to (¼” / 0.25″ / 6.35mm) thick blade.

Blade thickness 3/16” / 0.187″ / 4.74mm is ideal for daily utility task like cutting a rope, fabrics or flexible element, plastic cable, tree limb of the garden, wood splitting etc.

For any heavy work, try to get a ¼ inches thick blade and the standard measurement is 0.17 inches and 0.25 inches.

Knife Tang

The portion of the blade that extends into the handle is known as a knife’s tang. It is one of the most important aspects of a fixed blade knife. It produces balance, durability, and weight in the knife. There are several types to choose from and consider.

Full Tang Knife - Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Full Tang: This is when the tang extends the full length and width of the knife, the full length of the handle. A full tang fixed blade provides strongest construction, leverage, and balance. It is the go to tang for survival situations or anyone who may be in a situation that requires life-saving tactics. It does, however, weigh more than other tangs.

• Partial Tang: This is the other major category of tang used. It refers to the tang that does not cover the length of the handle. Lighter handle design makes this easier to carry and with improved manufacturing, it can be just as strong and durable as the full tang. But under extreme conditions, the chances of a breakage are greater.

Partial Tang - Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Encapsulated Tang: The handle is fitted to the tang rather than pushed in. Providing a stronger knife and more precise control it rivals the full tang for durability. The only con is that only certain handle materials can be used in order to encapsulate the tang.

Encapsulated Tang - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

• Skeletonized Tang: Portions of the inside of the tang are missing. Removes weight without compromising its framework. Often seen with cord wrapped handles or no handle at all. Reduced weight and retained structure make a lightweight, durable knife. The removal of material from the tang will give weak spots so performance and strength can be seen.

Skeletonized Tang - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

• Tapered Tang: The name says it all. This tang becomes increasingly narrow as it enters the handle. The tapered tang is lightweight without sacrificing strength. In extreme condition or under duress, the reliability of the tang can be compromised slightly.

Tapered Tang - Best Fixed Blade Knife

Extended Tang - Best Fixed Blade Knife

• Extended Tang: A tang that extends past the handle. Most tangs stop before or near the end. The extended tang gives the knife an added ability of handle protection and can be used as a hammer. Adds weight and limits the amount of handle materials that can be used.

All About the Handle

The handle of your knife is just as important as the blade material used because it will be the only thing between your hand and the blade of the knife. There are three things to consider looking at and including in your handle.

• Handle Material: Good component solid handle provides great durability and strength when using it on a heavy-duty work. Some best quality handle materials are G-10, Glass, Zytel, Reinforced Nylon, High-Quality Rubber and Micarta.Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife - Handle Design and Structure

• Handle Design and Structure: Handle designs vary depending on the ability and use of the knife. Once you have used and handled knives for any amount of time you will discover that you will develop a favorite. Ergonomics opinions are different for everyone as everyone has a different size hand. To start, a knife handle should be close to your own hand measurements.

Designs vary from finger holds, Skelton handles to straight pieces with a divot at the top to rest your thumb. Materials will vary depending on the tang used, as some tangs can only be used with certain materials.

• Make Sure Your Knife Contains a Solid Handle: Solid handles are less likely to break or be damaged while doing work. Remember too, your knife should be comfortable to hold. If it is uncomfortable, then you may not be able to complete the designated task the knife was chosen for.

Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife-Handle Grip

• Handle Grip: Make sure the handle is coated with rubber grip or texture grip pattern that provides essential grip while your hands are wet or muddy. The way a person holds a knife. First off you need to enclose the handle with your dominant hand in a forward position.

The grip should be light but firm as to not drop the knife or leave it floppy. Depending on the knife chosen, you may have to apply pressure with your thumb, pointer finger or wrist. You want to be comfortable using the knife in whatever situation you are found in.

• Slight Bulge at the Tip for Balance: Balance will help your knife from falling out of your hand during use and non-use. Also, any handle should not have sharp corners or pinch points that create an uncomfortable feeling.

All about the Knife Sheath

A carrier or sheath is another vital accessory of the knife. Most of the knife manufacturers provide a very simple type of sheath. This type of sheath can carry the knife only. But very few companies (Gerber, SOG, Morakniv, Ka-Bar) provide the survival or tactical sheath that can carry not only the knife but also fire starter, shaper, built-in cord cutter, survival guide, lanyard with emergency whistle etc. Also, check some other features like MOLLE well-matched, belt loop, extra pocket, Velcro shutter, left or right side adjustment, weight, color, durability on harsh environment etc.

Most importantly you have to check that which material has used to make the sheath. Let me inform you about the 3 best sheath components.

Kydex Sheath - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

• Kydex: It is one kind of plastic element which is molded due to adjusting the body of the knife. The Kydex element or sheath is nearly indestructible as well as lightweight and capable to sustain difficult circumstances. The Kydex sheath usually comes with straps to fasten them as a user sees fit.

Nylon Sheath - Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

 • Nylon: The Nylon is one kind of woven component which is inexpensive, very lightweight and durable on the harsh environment. This type of military grade sheath comes with MOLLE well-matched, Velcro shutter and extra snap-secured straps or belt loop to attach it to your bag or waist belt.

Leather Sheath - Best Fixed Blade Knife

 • Leather: It is the classic component of the sheath material. A leather sheath is not very lightweight, sustainable and durable in harsh weather like in a rain forest, in the water etc. But still, leather is one of the most popular and great looking sheath components.

Is the Manufacturer Providing Any Type Of Warranty?

Knife Lifetime Warranty

Warranty is one of the most important aspects while choosing a best tactical fixed blade knife. A warranty service not only ensures your product security, also provides mentally satisfaction. A reputed knife manufacturer always provides a conditional lifetime warranty. Most of the time, this type of conditional warranty protects against defects in workmanship and materials. If you are going to buy $50+ knife and the knife does not have any kind of warranty then leave it, find another one that has a lifetime warranty.

Choose a Best Fixed Blade Knife for the Money

Best Fixed Blade Knife under Your Budget

There are many people think that a good budget ensures a quality product but it is not always true especially when you selecting a best fixed blade knife from thousands of them. A good budget does not ensure you will get a high-quality knife, only your experience, and basic knowledge can help you to get the best one. Let me show you some recommended knives from lower to the higher budget.

Best Fixed Blade Knife under $10

A lower budget that does not mean you will get a low-quality knife. But if your budget is under $10 then it is really hard to find a good one. I will suggest you, if it is possible, increase your budget and move under 30 dollars knife. If not then still I can show you top 4 best fixed blade knife under $10.

Best Fixed Blade Knife under $30

This is the most popular budget range for the beginner knife hunter. You will find lots of quality fixed blade under 30 but most of the time, these economical range knives do not have a better quality blade. Also, in this price range, a huge amount of knives come from China. If your budget range is $30 then follow my top 4 best fixed blade knife under $30.

Best Fixed Blade Knife under $50

The knives under this budget have good quality stainless steel blade, improve tactical design like serrated or partially serrated, strong tip point and the solid material handle will be available. My recommended top 4 best fixed blade knife under $50.

Best Fixed Blade Knife under $100

For most tactical fixed blade knives this is the ideal price range I use to recommend to the others. Top quality blade and handle core material, ergonomic handle and blade design for multiple purposes, tactical sheath and this type of knife capable to sustain almost any type of difficult circumstances. After purchasing a cheap knife at the first time, most of the users prefer to move knives under 100 dollars range.

Best Fixed Blade Knife under $200

When your budget is under $200, then you can buy something exceptional. Those who need a special knife for gift, collection or want to use that for the extremely hard work on a regular basis then you have to keep this price range. Let me help you to find the top 4 best fixed blade knife under $200.


The legality of having a Tactical knife depends on where you are in the world. The United States for instance has federal laws about the types of knives that can be carried, size of the blades and whether that knife can be concealed or open carried. All of that can be reaffirmed or ignored depending on which state you reside in or travel to. Other countries have their own laws regarding knives in size and carry. Check these articles on Wiki, I wish you will get all of your answers about Knife Legality.


Some Trusted Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Brands

If you choose a reputed knife manufacturing brand rather than a new or non-popular company, the possibility of picking the wrong knife would be very low. There are hundreds of tactical knife manufacturers in the market but I have found these are the trusted best tactical fixed blade knife brands in the world – Gerber, Ka-Bar, Morakniv, SOG, MTECH USA, Smith & Wesson, Buck, Columbia River and Cold Steel.

Best Gerber Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Ka-Bar Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Morakniv Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best SOG Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best MTECH USA Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Smith & Wesson Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Buck Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Columbia River Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:
Best Cold Steel Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:

Some Extra Features You Can Consider

Safety Features
Solid Pommel
Blade Edge Angle
Color or Finish
Blood Groove
Knife Weight
Lanyard Holes
Decorative Milling
Sharpening Stone with the Sheath
Fire Starter
Emergency Whistle on lanyard

Final Verdict

The Best fixed blade Knife is not something that can be chosen generically. The best tactical fixed blade knife is any that fits your situation, purpose, and style and meets military specs. If you take into consideration the points from above then you are bound to make an excellent and informed choice. It may seem overwhelming to read all the things to consider before making a decision but a knife can be a man’s best piece of equipment in a critical situation.

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