Kitchen Knife Maintenance and Caring Tips

If you are the new owner of a high-quality set of kitchen knives, you may find yourself lost as to how to properly maintain and care for them. In this article, I will highlight all of the steps necessary to keep your knives sharp and clean, ensuring they remain a …

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Pocket Knife Locking Mechanisms

Best Locking Mechanisms on Pocket Knives

Folding knife locking mechanisms are common among good quality pocket knives and are essential to the safety of the user. Like a fixed blade knife They keep the blade from folding back in while they are being used, preventing countless injuries. Without them, the knives would certainly be unusable or …

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Sharpen a Serrated Knife

How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife?

What good is a knife that can’t cut? That’s about as useless as a hammer with no handle. However, hammers traditionally have one universal shape, while knives come in a plethora of shapes and customizations. Thankfully there are ways to sharpen outdoor knives or kitchen knives of all types, which …

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Best Knife Sharpening System 2020 and Buying Guide

No matter what kind of knife you are using, constant maintenance is required to keep it in tip-top shape. A dull blade can be frustrating to use, and even dangerous to the uncareful. Accidents can happen when a dull blade glides off whatever you’re cutting and onto things that are …

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Knife Maintenance

How to Maintain the Everyday Carry Knife?

Knives become extensions of our body; those of us who carry them will come to rely on them daily. We feel useless, unnecessarily dependent on others, or even naked without them in our possession and at the ready. Just as we take care of our other bodily “tools” such as …

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