The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2021

All the ZT 0350 reviewed and listed here are proudly made in the USA. Most importantly, these best Zero Tolerance knives for EDC come with a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer against defects in workmanship and materials. So there is no risk for you and don’t need to worry about its quality. Read More: Best Pocket Knife Under $100

1. Zero Tolerance Tiger-Stripe 0350TS Folding Pocket Knife

Zero Tolerance 0350

This ZT Tiger Striped is one of the best folding knives under $200 available in the US market. It is ten percent lighter and smaller than its classic 3000 model. The weight is 6.2 oz, overall length 7.75″ and closed length 4.625″ which make it easy to carry and use.

They are manufactured for heavy-duty use. It has a non-serrated blade for versatility in cutting. The knife can handle all the requirements of law enforcement officers, arm forces personnel, and first responders who have to be ready for anything requiring a knife.

The 3.25″ hollow grind blade is made of premium quality S30V stainless steel (57-59 HRC). This type of steel gives the blade excellent toughness and longtime edge holding ability. The coating is Tungsten Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). The coating is non-reflective; friction drag is reduced and helps to enhance corrosion resistance.

The textured G-10 scales in matte-black give you a safe tight grip on the synthetic handle. Using a carry clip for either right or left-hand knife includes a quad mounting system. You can carry the knife tip-up or tip-down.

This tactical folding knife has assisted one-handed opening using the technology of SpeedSafe. It is even easy to open wearing combat gloves because of the big ambidextrous blade protrusion. This best Zero Tolerance knife for EDC has a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.


  • Tiger Stripe is manufactured in the USA
  • Forever warranty from Zero Tolerance
  • Additional carbon and vanadium in the steel
  • Holds its edge well with little effort
  • SpeedSafe assisted for fast deployment
  • Secure liner locking system
  • Single-handed opening knife
  • 4-position pocket clip


  • 6.2 oz, slightly bulky to me

2. Zero Tolerance 0450CF Folding Knife

If you are a hunter, police officer, survival expert, or business professional and are looking for a multifunctional high-end tactical knife, you should buy this Zero Tolerance 0450CF folder.

The 0450CF is a smaller, lighter, and more compact version of their classic 0454 model. This knife only weighs 2.45 ounces and when closed it is only 4.12″ and overall length 7.375″.

The upwards pointed 3.25″ blade is razor-sharp, 0.121″ thick, and made of super quality S35VN stainless steel. This type of steel gives outstanding resistance to corrosion and longtime edge holding capability.

The coating, Tungsten Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) makes the blade non-reflective. It also helps to improve the hardness of the blade and reduce friction drag.

The sturdy knife features a durable handle, you will get a secure grip on the handle with black carbon fiber on the front and a titanium scale on the back.

The knife also comes with KVT ball-bearing system, it offers one-handed opening or closing quite fast and smooth without any help of assisted Opening mechanism. It has a decent size ambidextrous flipper to making opening easier if wearing gloves.

The quad mounting system is for tip-up, tip-down, and left or right clip carry. This best Zero Tolerance folding knife is made in the United States and has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • All-purpose gentleman’s EDC knife
  • Ultra-premium stainless steel blade
  • S35VN SS is 5x stronger than the regular steel
  • Super lightweight EDC knife
  • 4-position clip makes it easier to carry
  • Secure Titanium frame locking system
  • Includes a lanyard hole


  • It is not made for heavy-duty use
  • Handle is relatively small compared to the big hand

3. Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife

The Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife was made for heavy-duty work. When closed the blade length is 4.6″ with an open blade length of 3.25″ and an overall length of 7.625″. This best military knife can be used for camping, hunting, and skinning, outdoors, a utility knife, and self-defense.

It weighs 6.2 ounces. The knife has a very sturdy feeling but light enough to carry for daily use. Although lightweight, it is better if it is carried in a jean’s pocket instead of lightweight pants.

The durable drop point blade is made out of high-performance S30V stainless steel (57-59 HRC). The hollow grind blade is also protected with a stealthy black Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish that enhances its wear and corrosion-resistant.

Black G-10 scales are used for the handle. G-10 is popular for its nature like lightweight, strong, and not affected by environmental changes. Its textured and ergonomically designed handle provides a non-slip aggressive grip.

The SpeedSafe assisted opening system helps the knife to open quickly. The ambidextrous flipper and thumb studs help you open the knife with your right or left hand.

It has a secure locking liner system; when you deploy the blade it prevents it from accidentally closing until you allow it. The quad mounting clip enables left, or right pocket carries and tip-down or tip-up.


  • Premium quality S30V stainless steel
  • Extra vanadium and carbon in the core alloy
  • Good at holding an edge for long
  • Product made in the United States
  • Warranty and free sharpening for a lifetime
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism
  • One-handed deployment knife
  • 4-way pocket clip
  • Lanyard hole


  • Weight a bit heavy as an EDC knife

4. Zero Tolerance 0770CF Folding Knife

This ZT 0770CF has an elegant and versatile design combined with raw efficiency. It is proudly made in the USA and offers a limited lifetime warranty by Zero Tolerance. The knife is a well-crafted and impressive tactical knife.

This lightweight knife only weighs 3 ounces is compact and easy to carry. The blade is 3.25” long, full length is 7.5″ and when folded it is 4.25″ long.

This very sharp and 0.121″ thick blade is made of the best premium stainless steel Crucible S35VN (Rockwall hardness 59-61). This type of high-performance steel known for its super toughness, outstanding edge retention as well as wear and corrosion resistance.

The knife is very durable and built for regular use. The stonewash finish gives it a non-reflective look and helps hide friction or scratches.

The durable carbon fiber G-10 handle scales make it a super lightweight EDC knife. This gives the knife a smooth feel and sophisticated look. The handle will also give you a sure grip.

It has a Speedsafe assisted opening system, which opens the knife quickly with one hand. All you need to do is use the ambidextrous flipper. It has a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip. When closed it is small enough to carry in your jean pocket or a suit pocket.


  • Perfect gentleman’s type edc knife
  • Premium quality stainless steel blade
  • Longer-lasting edge holding capability
  • Solid construction handle unaffected by temperature
  • Speedsafe assisted deployment system
  • Nice looking oversized pivot
  • Flipper also works as a finger protector
  • Deep-carry pocket clip


  • Not a quad-mount pocket clip
  • Hard to re-sharpen
  • No lanyard hole

8. Zero Tolerance 0350BW EDC Folding Pocket knife

When looking at the Zero Tolerance 0350BW, it will seem like a battle-tested tool. Even under the roughest conditions, it will still give you great mechanical strength. The blade is 7.75″ opened and 4.6″ closed lengths. The knife weighs 5.6 ounces.

The blade is crafted from super-quality S30V stainless steel (HRC 57-59). The core alloy of the blade contains an additional amount of vanadium and carbon that increases hardness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention capability significantly.

Also, the blade comes with a non-reflective stonewashed finish instead of the DLC coating on the blade. The stonewashed coating will give your knife a well-worn appearance. The finish can help hide the scratches as well as friction is also reduced on the knife with the coating.

The handle has matte-black textured G10 scales to ensure that you have a secure grip on your knife. Whether your hand is muddy or wet or bloody, don’t worry, you will get complete control with a firm pinch grip. Also, the flipper works as a finger protector.

For the easy one-handed opening, it features a SpeedSafe assisted opening system. There is no need to remove your gloves to open the knife. Just use the ambidextrous thumb studs or flipper to quickly open it.

For total versatility, there is the quad mount system for top-down, tip-up knife position. The carry clip is also for the left or right hand. This best Zero Tolerance knife also has a predrilled hole if you want to add a lanyard.


  • Premium category S30V stainless steel
  • ZT 0350BW model is the USA made
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • A secure liner locking mechanism
  • SpeedSafe assisted deployment system
  • 4-way pocket clip


  • Hard to re-sharpen

10. Zero Tolerance 0350SW Pocket Knife

This ZT 0350SW knife is ten percent lighter and smaller than the original 0300 model. The 0350 series was designed to stand up to heavy-duty tactical usage. This 3.25″ plain edge recurve blade gives you all the slicing and push cutting power you demand. The weight is 5.6 ounces. The blade, when opened, is 7.75″ and when closed is 4.625″.

The blade is manufactured from high-quality S30V stainless steel ( HRC 57-59) and has a stonewashed finish. The finish reduces friction drag and enhances hardness. The steel core also has a significant amount of carbon and vanadium that makes it very resistant to corrosion with improved edge retention.

Textured G-10 scales on the handle give you a secure grip. The handle also has a deep finger choil as well as thumb jimping for more grip and control on the knife. The flipper also protects your finger from sharp edges when the knife is open.

For one-hand opening, it comes with a SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. It has a flipper and ambidextrous thumb studs to help you open it quickly when wearing gloves. It features 4-way pocket clip systems to enable right or left-handed clip carry. This system also gives a tip-down and a tip-up choice. Limited lifetime warranty & free sharpening by Zero Tolerance.


  • ZT 0350SW is a USA made knife
  • Premium quality blade steel
  • Stainless steel liner
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening system
  • Secure and solid liner locking system
  • Quad-Mount system pocket clip
  • Lanyard hole


  • Difficult to re-sharpen
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